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Welcome to Gymnastics Fantastic

we sew leotards & costumes

International Gymnastic Web Atelier

We print and ornament each costume by hand

Make your dream come true

We design individual sketches of any level of complexity

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Where do we deliver?


We deliver to any place of the World. You can find all the regions we work with on our customers map! The map speaks for itself.

How to order clothes according to your individual measurements?


You may Log in and indicate your own measurements in Your profile. After that all the leotards will automatically show you the price depending on your own size (including the basic price, of course). Here’s our advice on How to take measurements.

How to order shoes according to your individual measurements?


If you order some gymnastics shoes, please measure the length of the foot in the following way: put your leg on the piece of paper, outline it; then measure this outline from the middle of the heel till the big toe (diagonally).

Is it possible to order a leotard without crystals?


You may choose a leotard with any quantity of crystals and painting you like; or a leotard without crystals at all. Please, contact us, indicated above to specify the cost of your variant,. You may also buy the crystals in our web-store and paste them on your own.

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
Stitches quality

All stitching is performed on industrial machinery. Triple quality control

Body measurements for a perfect fit are easy to make using our video guide